See it and die...

Looking up the haunted stairs
The concept for The Elemental came from a book of Victorian ghost stories which Director Robert Sproul-Cran found in his Grandma's house when he was about eight. It described an Elemental - a creature of dire evil which lurked in dark corners.

If you thought you saw one out of the corner of your eye you had to look away - because if you looked right at it you would die. So it might be there - but you can't check! A recipe for total terror, and many nights spent in bed with the light on.

The task was to create a film where you couldn't show the thing which terrified the main character - a real directing challenge.

Robert reckoned that the key was to create the best possible monster - then show it as little as possible. The Elemental was created out of clay then cast in latex. In total it took over a year to build and is seen in the film for less than a second.

Now why not have a look at the trailer...