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The Elemental was written over a period of about eighteen months. Unusually Robert Sproul-Cran,
the writer/director, drew storyboards right from the start. He felt the pictures were as important as
the words, and had a very clear idea of how the film should unfold visually. This meant that the
storyboard also went through many revisions.

Robert says:

"'The Elemental' is a study in how fears planted in your mind can play havoc, particularly
when guilt starts to take hold. The film explores Karen's fears about the fate of her parents, and
how she blanks out the reality when it becomes unbearable. You can read it as a supernatural
tale. But it might just be a description of a mental breakdown. Perhaps it's all in Karen's head -
it's up to you to decide. But remember, the parents are dead by the time the kettle boils, so
perhaps they were only still alive in Karen's memory."

Click here for the script which was used on set. It changed a little in the edit...

Robert, Amylia and Jan studying the storyboards on set.

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