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The Elemental was shot on the Red camera
system at full 4K resolution by DOP Jan Pester.
Robert was keen to get Jan on board because of
his talent in shooting dark atmospheric
scenes with mysterious shadows.

When Jan agreed to film the story that proved to
be the key to getting a superb crew together.
Let's face it, nobody did this for the money!

Robert already had an Edinburgh tenement stair
in mind when writing the story. Edinburgh stairs
have this strange design with a skylight in the
roof but no windows on the way up. The result
is a stair with deep shadows and pale light
filtering down from stories above. You rely on
the stair lights even in daytime. The exterior
in Bruntsfield was a bit upmarket for the story,
so a search took place in Glasgow for a good
exterior. Summerfield Street was the answer.

For location stills and stories, click here.

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