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The Elemental was written with the Edinburgh staircase in mind. But for it to go ahead we needed permission from everybody who lived in the stair. Massive thanks to all who allowed us to invade their space with tons of gear for a few days. And we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Dougie McEwan, who let us film within his flat as well. Because his kitchen was too posh we also borrowed a kitchen across the landing from Rona MacAulay and friends. (Student flat, not obsessively perfect...)

SPOILER - You may not want to look at this section until you've seen the film...

Donald from Progressive camera hire in Glasgow was our Data Wrangler, or Red DIT to give him his posh title (Digital Information Technologist). Because we shot at maximum 4K resolution on the revolutionary new Red system he had to change the flash cards as often as would have been the case with film magazines - we got about four minutes per card. These then had to be downloaded to a hard drive and checked.

Although the exteriors were shot in Glasgow, the digger was off Leith Walk in Edinburgh. Ah, the magic of the movies...

Katie Crook, our Producer, sorted out all the access permissions for the demolition site.

We even got matching tenements in the background...

Rob Sproul-Cran (son of Robert the Writer/Director) is boom op on the first location day. He also wrote and performs the closing music. More on his MySpace site at http://www.myspace.com/robsproulcran

On the right is his brother Ollie, who was a meticulous Script Editor for the project.

In Dougie's flat, a combination of masses of kit, smoke machine and dozens of bodies create a memorable atmosphere.

Jan's lighting had to cope with extremes from blazing sun through the window to darkness outside. When you watch the film you can't see the joins. Nice one Jan!

The skylight at the top of the stair was covered over with a tarpaulin - then all the "daylight" was added by Jan and his team, the indefatigable Steve from Lighttrack, Robert and Dave.

Ah, those casually falling little pools of light...

Who pushed Louise off the balcony?


We did mention the piles of gear? (Thanks Doug - you can come home now.)

Jan does his thing.

While Amylia does the antipodean version of housework - she adds dust and cobwebs.
What a larff we had...

Louise Ludgate in typically shy, retiring pose.

And if everything became too boisterous there was always Rocca to bring a serious note back to our endeavours.


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